Director, Corporate Infrastructure

Company Name:
Open Systems Technologies
The Director of Corporate Infrastructure is a vital and strategic corporate role that should be capable of both high-level strategy development coupled with the ability to proactively oversee and tactically implement Corporate IT, process improvement, project management office and facilities processes.

Corporate IT
Develop Corporate IT vision and strategies to determine where we should be heading in relation to our philosophies of using ?best in breed?, leveraging the cloud and being quick to adopt technological solutions.
Develop processes to ensure team is addressing why an issue has occurred and not just fixing the problem at hand
Develop process to evaluate IT systems on an ongoing basis to identify areas of future risk to the company.
Ensure that solutions to issues are not just looking at today?s needs but the future as well in our growing company.
Develop metrics related to issue resolution, response time and reduction in number of issues.
Process Improvement
Partner with department manager and the company's business leaders to develop and execute effective and ongoing process to document all company processes and changes to processes as needed
Work with department manager to develop plans with timelines related to improving company processes as needed including the potential use of systems and automation.
Ensure that process improvements are not just looking at today?s needs but the future as well in our growing company.
Develop metrics related to number of processes documented and improvements implemented to show impact of department
Project Management Office
Partner with department manager to develop process regarding vendor selection, steps involved, team members etc.
Work with department manager to develop process around determining timeline of projects.
Determine how much change other areas of the company can handle at a given time.
Ensure that systems selected are not just looking at today's needs but the future as well in our growing company.
Develop and execute standard communication plan to all stakeholders until project is completed.
Develop metrics related to delivery vs. timeline and stakeholders? satisfaction with projects.
Develop process to ensure regular maintenance of the office is completed.
Develop process to receive feedback from management related to needs and issues.
Develop metrics related to stakeholders? satisfaction with office condition, number of tickets opened and response time to tickets.
A minimum of 3-5 years of leadership experience, with a significant background in corporate IT and project management;
A strong customer focus with the ability to quickly build relationships and establish trust, respect, and confidence;
Ability to develop creative solutions and drive effective organizational change;
Proven success in a high volume, entrepreneurial, and fast-paced growth environment;

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